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When you are facing an internal investigation or a supervisory-level investigation for any matter, including off-duty incidents, Ken Afienko and our Legal Team, will be representing you throughout the process. An internal investigation can be very stressful and making sure you have competent representation from the beginning is critical. Here, at the FOP, you will never be represented by a union representative. A union representative is not a person you want to be sitting with you during an internal investigation. You pay your dues to have an attorney represent you, so do not settle for less. Here, at the FOP, Ken handles all internal investigations and will provide the best possible representation on your behalf. In addition, Ken has also written Florida legislation related to the Police Officers Bill of Rights and also teaches a 3-day Internal Affairs class to in-service department personnel since 2008. 


The FOP hopes you are never put in a position where you have to use deadly force, but if you find yourself in a deadly force situation, Ken Afienko responds immediately when called. Ken has represented well over 100 officers in deadly force situations since 2001 and also teaches deadly force to all Pinellas police academy recruits. Ken has the experience and knowledge to represent you from the moment you need him. The FOP has never been more than 30 minutes away when the use of force or deadly force occurred in Pinellas County. Having our Legal Team with you during the entire process is one of the most important benefits afforded to FOP members.  


If you are an FOP member and are charged with a crime arising out of the course and scope of your duties as an officer, the FOP will provide you with competent legal representation throughout the process. The FOP maintains a separate legal fund for incidents of a serious nature and outside counsel if available to handle complex criminal cases. 


Collective bargaining is another aspect of representation you get with the FOP. However, if your agency is not represented by the FOP for collective bargaining purposes, you are NOT obligated to join that particular union. You can be a member of ANY union you wish and still be subject to the collective bargaining agreement. For example, if another union is the collective bargaining agent for your agency, you are still covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. In that case, if you have a Collective Bargaining grievance, the FOP can present that grievance on your behalf even though another union is the bargaining representative. Ken has negotiated voluminous collective bargaining agreements since 2001 and has filed many contractual grievances on behalf of bargaining unit members. Ken has also defended many officers in disciplinary matters involving suspensions and dismissals. Ken has been successful in most of these cases. Don't settle for less experience. Make sure you do not fall for the false and misleading statement that makes you believe you must join the union that represents the collective bargaining unit. THIS IS FALSE. The FOP represents many members of agencies that are represented in collective bargaining by other unions, so don't fall for this high-pressure tactic.


FOP43 Leadership and our Legal Team are seasoned law enforcement professionals that understand what you go through on a daily basis. Ken has been a certified law enforcement officer since 1981 and continues to be a reserve police officer for a local agency. Ask yourself... Who do you want to be represented by? Ken's experience as both a police officer and as an attorney gives him a unique perspective, and the ability to understand the issues and environment that you face, every day. The FOP Team is well respected among Agency Administrators and our relationships are key benefits to our members. Remember, the FOP is YOU, and WE CARE. Do not make your union representation decision until you do your homework. Research it yourself. We are certain that you will be pleased with what the FOP can do for you.


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